"Putting in food that would attract even a wild animal:" MADACC sets bait traps for possible big cat

MILWAUKEE -- The search for the increasingly infamous Milwaukee big cat continues. Wednesday, July 29th with the effort to trap whatever it is that may be roaming the city's north side.

There are still a lot of people looking for this legendary lion which is causing considerable concern among those charged with protecting the public, and the animal itself -- whatever it may be.

"You know, we want the scoop! We want to find the lion, more than we're afraid of finding the lion," said Jake Marcks, Youtube filmmaker.

Wednesday, one group of Chicago-based YouTube filmmakers is in Milwaukee to join those looking for a lion.

If they spot it:

"I would scream immediately to let Patrick know that we saw the lion and then he would start running towards it, and I would start running towards it, like four, or five steps and then we would turn around and run away. Or maybe we would try to talk to it," said Ben Gejor, YouTube filmmaker.

Karen Sparapani is the Executive Director at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, or MADACC. She says an undisclosed number of traps have been set and are being monitored by professionals explaining amateur assistance is neither needed, nor wanted.

"If you're sitting next to a trap, the animal's not gonna get in it," said Sparapani.

What is going in the traps is bait.

"We are putting in food that would attract even a wild animal, like some summer sausage and some McNuggets," said Sparapani.

Sparapani understands the communities curiosity with the search for a possible lion but people need to understand the potential dangers to themselves, and the potential cat-like animal.

Pet owners also need to be vigilant in protecting their pets, Sparapani advises to keep them on leashes and in sight at all times.