Push on to get students enrolled in health insurance

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Monday, March 31st is the deadline! If you are uninsured, you need to enroll in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act by Monday. This has some hurrying to educate folks about the Affordable Care Act and its available plans -- and helping to get people enrolled.

"What we're trying to do is reach a demographic of people who are really not well-versed around the issue," Jeff Cannady with the Reproductive Justice Collective said.

That demographic is college students.

On Wednesday, Cannady was on the Marquette University campus -- encouraging students to sign a pledge saying they will get health insurance coverage of some kind.

"We want everyone to be healthy," Cannady said.

With the Affordable Care Act's enrollment deadline just days away, Cannady says the ACA is an option which may be viable for college students.

"I thought it would make sense to have a person like me who needs insurance, to be out here, spreading the message. I'm like you. I'm young. We need insurance," Cannady said.

Meanwhile, the Director of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Norris Health Center Dr. Julie Bonner is leading a similar educational effort.

"Our campaign has just been, 'Get covered.' With the changes in BadgerCare, they will be eligible to apply for that all year. We also share with them other options which are plans that the university offers, as well," Dr. Bonner said.

The only other way to get insurance under the Affordable Care Act for this year after March 31st is to have a “qualifying life event” — like marriage, divorce, the birth or adoption of a child or the loss of a job.

Healthcare advocates are holding a number of enrollment and educational events in the area over the next week. CLICK HERE for details.