"Puppies on demand:" Uber will deliver puppies to your doorstep for one day only!

MILWAUKEE -- It is an offer you can take advantage of ONLY ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH -- and only in the City of Milwaukee. Uber will be delivering "puppies on demand" to your doorstep for one day only.

Uber has partnered with the Elmbrook Humane Society and Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin for this "Valentine's Day" promotion.

It is an effort to make you smile -- while also raising awareness for shelter animals in Wisconsin and across the country.

Here's how it works:

    The puppy experience costs $30 for 15 minutes with the pups. In turn, Uber will help support both the Elmbrook Humane Society and Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin.

    If you think you've found your most valuable pup -- Uber officials want you to know these puppies are eligible for adoption. Just ask the rep assisting with your puppy delivery for more details.

    NOTE: Uber officials say these cute little canines will be in very high demand and availability will be limited, so please be patient. Also -- if you’re requesting puppies to your office, Uber officials advise that you make sure your boss or building is pro-puppy and that no one in the area is allergic. Having a dedicated room for puppy playtime is preferred.