Public Art Committee dedicates "Slalom," new kinetic sculpture on display at airport's baggage claim

MILWAUKEE -- Members of the Milwaukee County Public Art Committee have dedicated a new public art display being installed as part of General Mitchell International Airport’s Baggage Claim Renovation Project.

Tim Prentice, the Kinetic Sculptor selected by the Public Art Committee, has completed similar projects around the world and installed his “Slalom” display at Mitchell Airport this week.

“This is a unique opportunity to play with light and achieve an ever-changing sequence of varied and unpredictable effects,” Prentice said.  “Movement and changing light will draw the viewer’s attention to the work on display in this beautiful building.”

"Slalom" -- New art at Mitchell International Airport Baggage Claim

“Slalom” incorporates a gently undulating ribbon of kinetic elements that floats overhead and weaves its way throughout the building’s support columns.  The ribbon is made with a pattern of small aluminum and lexan plates.  The materials were chosen based on their ability to hold and reflect light.

“The public art installation in this stunning new building is an exciting addition that will enhance the traveler experience at Mitchell Airport,” said Supervisor Patricia Jursik, a member of the Public Art Committee.  “I’d like to thank all the members of the Public Art Committee for being here and for helping us throughout the artist selection process.”

County Executive Chris Abele and County Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr., unveiled the fully-remodeled baggage claim building last week.  The baggage claim roadway remains closed to all vehicles except buses and shuttles until road work wraps up in late July.  In the meantime, the airport is offering one hour of free hourly-section parking to help drivers meet passengers while avoiding delays on the shared ticketing/baggage claim roadway.