'Proven to reduce stress:' Dogs + yoga = 'doga' in Milwaukee

Dogs plus yoga quals "doga,"  put on by MKE Yoga Social and Off Leash MKE. 

"Traditional yoga done in a non-traditional way," said Jessica Hope with MKE Yoga Social.

MKE Yoga Social

 "I have Sven, one of my favorite little dudes that comes every five weeks for his grooming appointment," said Jeaninne Bauer.

"Doga" takes place in the annex of Lost Valley Cider Co. in Milwaukee.

MKE Yoga Social

"This is actually our first 'doga' event where we have dogs," said Hope. "It’s just a really good time. Super casual format, and bringing animals into yoga, I know it can seem a little weird. Like, why are you doing that? But animals are actually proven to help reduce stress." 

It’s nearly a one-to-one ratio, with 30 people trying to hold their best downward dog pose and 20 furry friends kind of doing the same.

MKE Yoga Social

"The tail wagging, the licking, the jumping all over the place!" said Bauer.

The hour-long class was completely sold out Sunday, April 11 and it's easy to see why.

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And a quick look around makes it easy to see why.

MKE Yoga Social

"We’re not striving for our best standing bow posture in one of these classes," said Hope. "It’s more about the experience of the event."  

Man’s best friend also makes for a fair yoga partner.

"I love dogs," said Bauer. "I love animals -- period."

The group that put this on hopes to hold monthly "doga" classes. The next one will be on May 9 -- Mother’s Day.