Protesters upset about Schoen decision head to Mayor Barrett's home

MILWAUKEE -- A group that's been vocal and defiant following a number of police misconduct incidents reported recently are now targeting Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in their latest protest.

Members of Milwaukee's Occupy the Hood movement turn their attention to politicians elected in the City of Milwaukee. This new attention comes after Milwaukee Police Officer Richard Schoen got his job back from the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.

Protesters make their way down Washington Boulevard toward Mayor Barrett's home. The protests caught the attention of Mayor Barrett's neighbors who looked on. Mayor Barrett wasn't home for the first 45 minutes of the protest, but he did see the protest from a distance before driving away.

Schoen was caught on video grabbing a woman by her hair, and repeatedly punching her. He claims she was trying to bite him. His firing by Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn was reduced to a 60 day suspension by the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.

The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission announced they will reconsider their decision after a large amount of public outrage. They will take up the case again on December 11th.

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