Protest over bill requiring more business-people on MATC board

MILWAUKEE -- There was a fiery protest at Milwaukee Area Technical College Wednesday morning regarding who should be on the board that runs the college.

Protesters are upset about a bill introduced by Republican State Senator Glen Grothman that would require more business-people on the district board.

Grothman says it only makes sense, since the goal of a tech school is to train students to work.

Protesters call the bill a "power grab" by Republicans that will take away local control from people in Milwaukee.

"It's like a fox in the hen-house. They're in there, and they're trying to get everything they can before the recall elections. This is shameless and we're not going to let them get away with it," one protestor said.

Senator Grothman denies that, and says most people on the board would come from Milwaukee County. He also says he's been hearing from the business community that MATC grads are not as prepared as students from other technical colleges.

Protesters say the board has done a good job helping students get a good education, especially for the working class and minorities.