Protest against guns at Appleton Farmer's Market happens to be illegal

APPLETON (CNN) -- An anti-gun group in Wisconsin has come up with a "fowl" way of protesting the state's Concealed Carry Law -- but their unique demonstration just happens to be against the law.

Mark Scheffler walked around the Appleton Farmer's Market this weekend with a live chicken -- which is a violation of the law, because live animals are not permitted at farmer's markets for health and safety reasons.

Scheffler says he did it in a protest of gun owners who walk around the market with their loaded weapons in clear view.

"It is perfectly within their legal right to do that, but we feel there is a misapplication of the law. I'm a gun owner. I'm a hunter.  I'm a life-long Wisconsin resident, but I think that guns have their place," Scheffler said.

A few weeks ago, Charles Branstrom and a few others brought loaded weapons to the market, and they say it scared a lot of people.

"I carry everyday. In the past I've been a victim of being harassed and stalked. My intention wasn't to scare anybody," Branstrom said.

Branstrom says there were more than a dozen people at the market with guns, and police made contact with several of them.

They also spoke with Scheffler about his chicken.

"In law enforcement we have to deal with what's legal and what's illegal. The city of Appleton has adopted an ordinance that states the animals are illegal. The state has laws that say the open carry is legal," Appleton Police Deputy Chief Todd Olm said.

"Do they have the right to walk down the street with our laws today? Yes they do. Is it smart to walk down the street? No, no smarter than trying to counter act it with chickens," a resident said.

Scheffler could have been fined more than $260 for the incident with the chicken, but officials let him off with a warning.