Prosecutors: Man accused of domestic violence covered woman in ranch 'from waist to head'

RACINE COUNTY -- A Racine man accused of domestic violence made his initial appearance in court Wednesday, Jan. 8 after a warrant was issued for his arrest in December. According to prosecutors, Maurice Thomas, 53, sprayed a woman with ranch dressing during an argument -- covering her from head to toe.

Thomas faces one count of stalking, domestic abuse assessments, one count of burglary of a building or dwelling, domestic abuse assessments, and one count of misdemeanor bail jumping, domestic abuse assessments.

According to a criminal complaint, police responded to a home on Blaine Avenue in Racine on the evening of July 30 for "civil trouble," and found a woman "covered in a thick, white substance from her waist to her head."

The victim indicated Thomas came over and there was an argument, during which Thomas said, "I'm gonna bust you in your (expletive)," and, "I should smash your face and beat the (expletive) out of you." She said Thomas then grabbed her by the throat with one hand, pushing her against the dining room wall, before grabbing a bottle of ranch dressing from the dining room table, chasing her around the table, and squirting her with the ranch. Police found that the ranch dressing had been sprayed throughout the dining room, and the woman said she was struck in the chest with the bottle.

She said during the attack, she yelled to someone upstairs to call the police, and Thomas grabbed a young woman in the home and ran. The victim said she tried to get her from Thomas, and in the process, the victim's arm ended up getting crushed in the front door, according to the complaint. She said Thomas then threw the girl in the front seat of a vehicle and left.

Two months later, in September 2019, the complaint said Thomas was charged with battery/domestic abuse and disorderly conduct/domestic abuse -- released on bond.

Three months later, in December 2019, the complaint said police responded to a burglary and bond violation on LaSalle Street in Racine, where officers spoke with the same victim, who indicated she had left her home on Dec. 13, and when she returned on Dec. 15, she saw Thomas' truck in the driveway, and the motion sensor light on in her garage. He was not allowed to be at her home as it was a violation of his bond in the domestic violence case. The victim said the truck eventually pulled out of her driveway and followed her, and she saw that Thomas was driving. Inside her home, police said several rooms appeared ransacked, the complaint said, and the woman noted missing items, including three televisions, a microwave, and a snowblower.

The complaint said police responded to Thomas' home, and while his truck was there, no one answered the door.

Cash bond was set at $500 during Thomas' initial court appearance Wednesday. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Jan. 16.