Prosecutors: LSD-soaked Sour Patch Kids, marijuana, MDMA found in Racine man's home

RACINE -- A Racine man is facing drug charges, and prosecutors say he admitted to having LSD-soaked Sour Patch Kids, among other drugs, in a freezer in his home.

51-year-old Ronald Romnek faces four charges:

    The criminal complaint makes reference to convictions against Romnek dating back to 1984.

    According to that complaint, on June 5th, a search warrant was executed at a home on Arthur Avenue near Pierce Boulevard. Prosecutors say a baggie with a green, leafy substance which tested positive for THC was found in a cookie tin-type container in the living room, along with a grinder, rolling papers and a digital scale.

    In the kitchen, investigators found a box of partially used plastic baggies, along with a cream cheese container in the freezer which contained "several items suspected as controlled substances," including a plastic bag with 20 Sour Patch Kids candies. According to the complaint, Romnek admitted the candies had "drops of LSD soaked into them."

    Prosecutors say a bag was found in the container with a tan crystal/powder inside, which tested positive for MDMA, along with a piece of wax paper containing 12 hits of LSD.

    Investigators also discovered a piece of chocolate candy which Romnek advised contained THC, and a piece of wax paper which contained a "dab" of THC.

    Additional marijuana was located in a vehicle and a purse, the complaint says.

    Investigators also located two cell phones which the complaint says contained "messages indicative of individuals selling controlled substances stores on them."

    According to the complaint, Romnek told investigators "everything in the house belonged to him." He indicated the items in the freezer had been given to him "some time ago," and he was "holding onto them and giving them to people." He indicated he was recovering from hip surgery and selling marijuana "to help make money."

    Romnek made his initial appearance in court in this case on June 7th. A preliminary hearing was set for June 14th. Cash bond was set at $10,000.