Professor breaks world record for tallest stack of tortillas

INDIANA -- An Indiana professor has set a new record. Not on academia but in the Guinness World Record books!

University of Evansville Professor Mark Valenzuela made history this week with, believe it or not, the tallest stack of tortillas in the world.

His stack of tortillas reaching 75 centimeters tall, breaking the previous record of 68.5 centimeters tall.

How long did it take to stack all the savory griddlecakes? Two hours, which Valenzuela says was worth it.

"It was such a great feeling because it's been a year since the last attempt, and it was a spectacular failure at the last attempt. There were so many people there. And I couldn't eat tortillas for a year or so. This past month I've had to take a look at tortillas again. So it was a really good feeling," Valenzuela said.

This is Valenzuela's second attempt at breaking the world record for tallest tortilla stack.

Last year, the school held a similar event during the university's "ChangeFest" to support programs that bring positive change to the world.

This year's event benefit's the school's ChangeLab programs and a faculty-led Habitat for Humanity build in Mexico.