Press conference for West Allis $1 million Powerball winner Monday

MADISON (AP) -- The two winning Powerball tickets were sold in Arizona and Missouri, although Wisconsin did have some smaller winners of its own.

Mary Retterath bought a $1 million ticket at the Speedway near 92nd and Oklahoma in West Allis. Retterath and her husband will appear at a news conference Monday morning.

"If you are lucky enough to be the store that sells the (winning) ticket, the store gets a nice little incentive. We wish you guys luck when you buy from us. We really are wishing you luck. There is incentive for us too," Speedway store manager Jon Lindstrom said.

Ten other tickets won $10,000, including one that was quadrupled because the player bought the Power Play multiplier feature.

Winners have six months to claim their prizes.

The numbers that Powerball players should have played for Wednesday's drawing were: 5, 16, 22, 23 and 29, and a Powerball of 6.

The next Powerball jackpot is worth $40 million.

The 10 winning tickets were sold at the following locations: