Presidential candidates spend weekend making closing arguments

WISCONSIN -- As Election Day (November 6th) draws near, battleground state Wisconsin has played host to each of the candidates in the presidential race. The latest polls show President Barack Obama is the frontrunner in Wisconsin, but one political expert told FOX6 News despite what the polls show, this election is unpredictable.

President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spent the weekend leading up to Election Day making their closing arguments to voters.

Romney held a rally Friday afternoon at Wisconsin's State Fair Park, and President Obama held a rally in downtown Milwaukee featuring Katy Perry on Saturday afternoon. President Obama will be back in Wisconsin on "Election Eve." He'll host a rally in Madison on Monday.

"A real phenomenon of Wisconsin is that people make up their minds over the last weekend," UW-Milwaukee Professor of Governmental Affairs Mordecai Lee said.

Lee told FOX6 News looking at polls as a prediction to how Tuesday night will turn out might not be the best idea.

"We have to remember that generally speaking, the wording of a poll is 'if the election were held today, how would you vote?'" Lee said.

The final Marquette University Law School poll released on Halloween showed President Obama with a lead in Wisconsin over Romney, and Tammy Baldwin up on Tommy Thompson in the Senate race.

However, even the pollsters have admitted they are focused on voter trends -- not a final result.

"One of the reasons we release the poll a full week before is we are not trying to get the race right.  If we were, we would be trying to wait until the day before the election," Marquette Poll Director Charles Franklin said.

Franklin told FOX6 News poll research shows there is room for movement in these final days. Lee said it's a trait that is unique to the Badger State.

"People feel free to change their minds in Wisconsin. Crossover voting is a very common thing. It's just as likely that Romney will win Wisconsin as Obama will win Wisconsin," Lee said.

President Obama has an election night event planned in Chicago, and Romney will be in Boston on Tuesday night. FOX6 News will have reports from Chicago and Boston on Tuesday night. Stay tuned!

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