President Obama rallies thousands during Milwaukee campaign stop

MILWAUKEE -- President Barack Obama campaigned with special guest, Katy Perry, in Milwaukee on Saturday, November 3rd. The visit was the second of three in just five days to Wisconsin for the president.

Barack obama barnstormed the electoral battlegrounds on Saturday, with stops in Ohio, Iowa, Virginia and Wisconsin, where 20,000 supporters saw the president and pop star Katy Perry.

"You know I'm working hard," said the President.  "My voice is raspy."

 Still,  President Obama gave a spirited defense of his first term, and he made case for a second term, saying he had kept his big promises.

"You know what I mean what I say," he said.  "I say what I mean. I tell the truth. When I said I'd end the war in Iraq, I ended the war in Iraq. When I said I'd end don't ask don't tell, I ended don't ask don't tell. When I said I'd pass health care reform, I passed health care reform. When I said I'd cut taxes for middle class families and businesses, that's what I did."

The president also blasted his republican rival Mitt Romeny as a candidate who would take America back to the policies championed by George W. Bush.

"Governor Romney is a very talented salesman," Obama said.  "So in thiscampaign he's trying as hard as he can to re-package the same ideas that didn't work and offer them up as change."

The president told supporters his goals in a second term would be to increase the number of math and science teachers, begin to pay down the national debt and act as a champion of the middle class.

Pres. Obama visited Green Bay for a brief campaign rally on Thursday, November 1st. He's also expected to visit Madison on Monday when he'll be joined by Bruce Springsteen.

In auto manufacturing heavy Ohio Friday, President Obama took on recent attacks from Mitt Romney over his efforts toward that industry, saying the charges prove the former governor is attempting to scare Americans into supporting him.

"You don't scare hard-working Americans just to scare up some votes," Obama told a crowd of 2,800 in small town Hilliard, Ohio. "That's not what being president is all about, that's not leadership."

"Trying to massage the facts, that's not change, that's just..." And, while the president didn't use the word, the crowd needed no cue yelling "lying!"

As a result of Romney's recent ad, Obama said employees at Jeep are calling their bosses, worried their jobs will be shipped overseas, a claim in the ad that "everybody knows is not true."

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