President Barack Obama to visit Milwaukee on Sept. 22nd

MILWAUKEE -- President Barack Obama's plans to visit the City of Milwaukee on September 22nd, and that's sparking reaction from Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans.

UW-Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee says, "Up 'til now, some of the polls were 50-50, but we weren't seeing the candidates. We weren't seen the A-list coming to Wisconsin."

Lee says this early appearance from President Obama is proof that Wisconsin is a battleground state, and President Obama's campaign believes time spent in Wisconsin won't be a waste.

Wisconsin Communications Director for Romney's Campaign Ben Sparks says, "President Obama hasn't been here in 211 days, so it's nice of him to grace us with his presence to get a first hand look at his shrinking base of support. It's clearly easier for the President to raise a few bucks in Wisconsin than to raise his shrinking approval ratings."

President Obama's campaign says, "The Vice President has visited, the First Lady has visited, but we wanted to make sure that voters in the Milwaukee-area and across the state heard directly from the President."

Lee credits Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as the GOP's Vice Presidential candidate as impacting the polls enough to move Wisconsin from an "Obama-lean" to its current "battleground state" status.

Tickets to a reception held at the Milwaukee Theater on September 22nd start at $250 per person.