Prescription drug take-back event draws people to West Bend: "Glad I don't have it around anymore"

Prescription drug take-back event in West Bend

WEST BEND -- The State Department of Justice, federal authorities and police are urging people to get rid of unwanted medications this weekend. In an effort to help people from getting addicted to prescription medications, the West Bend Police Department is one of many across the country that held a prescription drug take-back event Saturday, April 29th.

"People started showing up a little after 9 a.m., disposing of them," said Lieutenant Duane Farrand, West Bend Police Department.

Duane Farrand

People were able to bring in prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and even pet medications. The effort is designed to combat misuse and abuse of prescription painkillers and other drugs.

"The longer the medication stays in the cabinets the more opportunity people have to access them inappropriately or use them or abuse them which then just start a vicious cycle that spills downward," said Farrand.

Jan Ramel was there to rid her home of old medications.

Prescription drug take-back event in West Bend

"I happened to see this as I was coming from my dialysis today and I thought, oh there's a place I can drop off -- I've had them for like a year," said Ramel.

Jan Ramel

Ramel's medication was recently changed and the old stuff was no longer needed.

"Feels good, I'm glad I don't have it around the house anymore," said Ramel.

If you missed Saturday's event you can always take your expired, unwanted drugs inside the police lobby where you'll find a 24-hour drop box.

West Bend police estimates they collected 250 pounds of medications. The drug drop off sites WILL NOT accept needles, bio hazardous materials and personal care products such as shampoo or illegal drugs such as marijuana or methamphetamine.