Prescription drug discount program okayed by Milwaukee Co. Board

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Board recently passed a resolution that would enroll Milwaukee County in a new modified version of the National Association of Counties (NACo) prescription drug discount card program.

The program offers discounts on prescription drugs to anyone who is currently paying out-of-pocket for uninsured medications. Milwaukee County is enrolled in the NACo prescription drug discount card program, which has provided $1.3 million in discounts for County residents. The new modified program would still provide an average savings of 25% per prescription but would also generate additional income for the County.

Milwaukee County residents are able to obtain a prescription drug discount card regardless of age or income. There is no paperwork to fill out, and 9 out of 10 pharmacies participate in the program.

For more information, or to sign up for a free prescription drug discount card, please visit, or contact your Milwaukee County Supervisor at 414-278-4222.