Prepping your home for a 'pest-free winter:' 'The exterior is the first line of defense'

MILWAUKEE -- With cooling temperatures and winter approaching, fall is that time of year when there's an increase in home break-ins, but we're not talking about criminal activity. Instead, we're talking about pests, and Will White with Nexus Pest Solutions is one of those who helps homeowners get the uninvited guests out.

"Could be a big, gaping hole," said White. "Could be a bad door. A door that doesn't close properly. That's what we want to look for -- go out and look for the unseen holes and try to seal those off."

White, an exterminator who has been doing the job for more than 30 years said pests seek out warmer spots when it's cold out.

"The exterior is the first line of defense," said White. "Today, we want to do an evaluation of the exterior."

Any weak spots in the exterior and pests like mice, rats, and bugs can make their way inside.

"If we can stop them outside, we have a better chance of having a pest-free winter," said White. "You figure a mouse is a quarter of an inch. That's not big, and a half an inch for a rat, so if they can get the head in, the rest of the body is going in."

Using some shears, a screwdriver, and some other simple tech, White sealed holes and did some light patching -- small steps he said all homeowners should take before winter.

"We're dealing with an animal who's got 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to find whatever it is they're looking for," said White. "So if you have a lot of clutter, a lot of buildup around the house, a lot of overgrown bushes, these are going to be things that are attractive."

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