Preparing for the worst: UW System officials plan to deal with proposed $250 million in cuts

MILWAUKEE -- For months, speculation has swirled about how the UW System would handle a $300 million cut proposed in Governor Scott Walker's budget. As the budget process enters its final stages, we're getting a better idea of what the UW System might be up against.

If things go through as they currently stand, FOX6 News is told instead of facing a $300 million cut, the UW System would face a $250 million cut. But they're still working on determining which institutions that includes.

"The cut is intended to be distributed disproportionately so that those most impacted would suffer the least," said Ray Cross, UW System president.

Even though the final plan looks like it'll be different from his original proposal, Governor Walker says he's pleased lawmakers left in one of his highlights.

"Thankfully, the Legislature kept intact our freeze for the next two years on tuition. It's just something that's incredibly important to working families and college students," said Walker.

Another thing mentioned during Thursday's Board of Regents meeting, some say will grant the UW System additional flexibility -- some funds would be received on a biennial instead of an annual basis.