Preparing for the next step: Hamilton protesters meeting to discuss future demonstrations

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 74 protesters were arrested on Friday for blocking interstate traffic. A large crowd turned out for what was called an emergency meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to talk about Friday's demonstration that shut down I-43. The group plans to fight the citations.

In the meantime, Dontre Hamilton's brother expects the decision on charges will be announced soon.

"I'm in contact with my lawyer and we're waiting so that's all we can do right now is wait," said Nate Hamilton.

Two days after protesters blocked interstate traffic during Milwaukee rush hour and 74 people were arrested, Nate Hamilton steps outside an emergency meeting at All Peoples Church.

"The trust is broken," said Nate Hamilton.

Nate couldn't speak about the citations, but he did want to address the police chief's comments that the incident was a 'breach of trust.' Hamilton says the trust between protesters and police was gone the day his brother was killed.

"I feel the chief of police, he has to rebuild the trust, not as, we don't have to rebuild the trust," said Nate Hamilton.

Protesters say they plan to fight the citations issued Friday and are collecting money to help those who were jailed.

"It was a nonviolent effort and they're trying to make a strong statement," said School Board Member, Larry Miller.

Among their supporters, is a Milwaukee school board member who says the group's goal is to get the community's attention.

"They're trying to wake people up to some needs to some changes that have to be made," said Miller.

"When it comes to the mayor and chief of police, they're supposed to do a job and that's to protect the community's rights -- and that day, Dontre's rights wasn't protected," said Nate Hamilton.

On their Facebook page, protesters said they wanted to collect any video, pictures or other information they can use to fight the citations.

In a separate post, they condemned the recent murders of two police officers in New York -- reminding followers they do not condone senseless acts of violence.

"I'm gonna continue to bring awareness to the city. I'm gonna continue to try and make this city look at things more clearly," said Nate Hamilton.

No official word from Hamilton tonight about when their next demonstration will happen. He doesn't know when the District Attorney's decision will come down on charges, but he expects it will be soon.

FOX6 News is monitoring this story and will continue to update when more information becomes available.

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