Preparing for protesters: The country braces for Ferguson announcement

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- There are uneasy nerves not just in Missouri, but around the country. The FBI warning agencies, the decision may spark violence elsewhere. Protesters here in Milwaukee have already announced they will be meeting after the grand jury announcement. Police do not expect problems, but are prepared just in case.

In Missouri, they are laying down the ground rules. An entire region preparing for a decision -- many worry could spark violence.

"The bottom line is that we instructed our police officers to protect the protesters constitutional rights. We have directed them to use more active tactics only when it is necessary to keep people safe or protect property," said St. Louis Mayor, Francis Slay.

A grand jury's decision whether or not to charge the Ferguson officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown, is expected at any moment.

"We need to be prepared for whatever happens, and we will be," said Slay.

It's a decision the FBI is warning law enforcement agencies across the country will 'likely lead to attacks on police officers and key infrastructure.'"

"To date the protest community in Milwaukee has behaved and taken to the streets in a responsible manner. We don't have any reasons it won't now," said Milwaukee Police Chief, Ed Flynn.

Milwaukee is no stranger to protests. Following the police shooting of Dontre Hamilton, an unarmed man in Red Arrow Park, there have been constant demonstrations. The latest, Thursday night, at the cities' annual tree lighting ceremony. This group says they will be back moments after a decision in Missouri is announced.

"So far there has been no violence, there has been no vandalism -- obviously we have to be prepared for worse case scenarios and we're taking precautions," said Flynn.

Friday, November 21st, FOX6 News is hearing calls of calm from Michael Brown's father to President Obama.

FOX6 News' partners in St. Louis say a decision is likely sometime this weekend. We will bring it to you the moment it happens.