Pre-debate arguments now underway ahead of VP debate

APPLETON -- The VP debate between incumbent Joe Biden and challenger Paul Ryan is set for Thursday, October 11th. As the two prepare for the real deal, the pre-debate arguments are already underway -- with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker weighing in on what he expects Thursday night.

Gov. Walker said he expects Joe Biden to be aggressive and attempt to make up ground for the Obama campaign during the one-and-only VP debate ahead of election day on November 6th.

Some polls show the Obama campaign has lost momentum since the first presidential debate.

Gov. Walker says on Thursday night, Paul Ryan must also be aggressive, but respectful of the vice president.

"Despite all the gaffes -- Joe Biden is one of the most experienced debaters in the country. 18 times he's been involved in a presidential or vice presidential debate.  This is a guy who spent 36 years in the Senate.  He is well-versed in debating. He's not going to make a gaffe, but he is going to unleash a whole lot of attacks, because that's what he does," Gov. Walker said.

Wisconsin Democrats say they are also looking forward to the vice presidential debate. They say most Americans disagree with the Romney-Ryan plan to overhaul Medicare.

"They want to gut a whole host of programs whether it's Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security -- that Americans rely on --  that they rely on to build and maintain a stable middle class lifestyle,"  Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said.

Tate says Biden's experience will be an asset on the debate stage.

"It's going to be a great opportunity to hear from our vice president and also to hear from Paul Ryan. Now, Paul Ryan's somebody who's had a bit of a problem telling the truth in this campaign. I think that's because if you were to actually go out and campaign on the idea that he's proposed in Congress, people would roundly reject him," Tate said.

Vice President Biden will campaign in Wisconsin on Friday -- the day after the debate. The details of that visit have not yet been released.

THURSDAY'S DEBATE will be BROADCAST LIVE on FOX6 and streamed LIVE via! FOX6's Mike Lowe will be in Kentucky for the debate. Stay tuned for the latest!