Powerball lottery jackpot swells to $325 million

MILWAUKEE -- The Powerball lottery jackpot swells to $325 million for Saturday night's drawing. That's because nobody picked all of the winning numbers for Wednesday's drawing. After taxes, the jackpot is worth a cool, $202.9 million in cash.

The cost of a Powerball ticket went up $2 in January. The price hike means bigger jackpots quicker -- and better odds. The director of the Wisconsin Lottery says it's good for the state too.

"Half of it goes to do the jackpot, but the rest of the money goes back to the state. Last year, the lottery returned about a $140 million to the state that gets returned to taxpayers," said Michael Edmonds, Wisconsin Lottery Director.

This is the third largest Powerball lottery jackpot ever offered. The largest was $369 million. If nobody wins on Saturday night, the jackpot could potentially top $400 million.

The winning Powerball numbers in Wednesday night's game: 17-28-38-39-and-51; the Powerball was 33.