Power of Latino vote more apparent than ever in 2020 election

In the aftermath of Election Day, it is clear Latino voters were split in this election cycle. But FOX6 News learned this should not be a surprise to either political party.

Early data is showing Latinos flipped Arizona in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, while also delivering Florida to President Donald Trump.

"You see a fundamental misunderstanding by actually both political parties," said Daryl Morrin, president of Forward Latino.

Morrin is not surprised by the split vote given the vast diversity of cultures that make up the Latino community.

"If you are a Latino from the Caribbean, whether you are a Latino from Mexico or Central America or South America, each one has different cultural experiences and principals," Morrin said.

Daryl Morrin

"It’s a terrible stereotype that all people who are 'fill in the blank' believe 'fill in the blank,'" said political expert Mordecai Lee.

Lee said the split vote shows a new direction for the country.

"I think we are in the cusp of becoming a majority-minority country," Lee said.

Mordecai Lee

32 million Latinos were eligible to vote in this election -- surpassing all other minority groups in the country.

"Sometimes what happens in American politics is they take certain populations for granted," Lee said.

Despite their voting power, Latinos were not a major focus for either campaign.

"The Latino community has never been the focus or received significant investment from either party," Morrin said.

That is because Latinos have historically low voter turnout -- something organizations like Forward Latino and Voces de la Frontera are working to improve in states like Wisconsin.

As more data becomes available, Latinos are being recognized for their power to shift an election.

"Both parties are going to realize nothing is automatic; nothing should be taken for granted," Lee said.

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"We will warn both parties that it is only going to keep continuing to grow from election to election, so they better be paying attention," Morrin said.

Pew Research shows the top three issues Hispanic voters cared about the most in the 2020 election cycle were the economy, health care, and the coronavirus outbreak.


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