Potholes popping, being patched in the City of Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Throughout the City of Milwaukee, potholes are prompting people to pop off. But something is being done to correct the issue.

Street maintenance field supervisor Paul Brady explains, with out weather cycling between relatively mild and Wisconsin wild, the streets simply cannot stand the stress.

"Soon as we start getting the arctic temperatures, and then it warms up and re-freezes, I know we’re in for some pothole patching," said Brady.

Brady says six such crews are on full-time pothole patching duties right now. More are available as needed.

"We have a number of employees and equipment that can be moved to mobilize when the call volume increases," said Brady.

Drivers can help protect both their vehicles and the people repairing the potholes by slowing down and paying close attention to the road ahead.

CLICK HERE to report a pothole that needs patching in the City of Milwaukee. You'll need to click STREET MAINTENANCE once on the site -- and then select POTHOLE PATCH REQUESTS.