Potholes cause Ian's Pizza drivers to blow five tires in one day

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The snowy season has been wreaking havoc on cars as potholes cause bent rims and flat tires -- and delivery drivers are not spared. One Milwaukee pizza delivery place has been in a brutal battle with the roads.

Drivers for Ian's Pizza have been taking a hit. Friday, February 21st was an especially costly day.

"Five tires in one day. Three different drivers. Two blew out the whole side of their cars," said general manager Ryan Donovan. "It slows everything down. It definitely puts us down delivery drivers."

The restaurant has started to schedule shifts around busted vehicles. Drivers are learning to take it easy and are hopeful customers will understand.

"When I have to slow down and creep over these bumps in the road, it will take a significant chunk out of how fast I can get you your pizza," said delivery driver Evan Swiatek.

Ian's doesn't pay for repairs to delivery drivers' cars. Drivers receive $1 for every run they make, which usually equals around $20 a night.