Postal carrier works first Christmas, says he enjoys playing Santa

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- While many of us are moving at a slower pace on this Christmas Day -- relaxing and enjoying the spirit of the holiday with family -- some were working at quite a frantic pace on Christmas morning -- trying to deliver those last-minute gifts. FOX6 News had the opportunity to shadow one of these "working Santas" on Christmas morning!

Charles Houston works for the U.S. Postal Service. On this Christmas morning, his morning meeting was brief.

It may have seemed like any other day delivering mail and packages for the U.S. Postal Service during the winter.

"Just staying warm, dress in layers, have gloves on, make sure you keep your hands and feet warm," Houston said.

But on Christmas Day -- it was anything but normal -- and Houston was working his first Christmas. He was busy Christmas morning loading packages labeled Priority Mail Express.

Houston says he volunteered to work on Christmas.

"Personally, I like the response, to see the faces light up, Christmas Day, spreading the cheer," Houston said.

In a way, Houston plays the role of Santa -- because every package he was set to deliver on Christmas morning was guaranteed to make it to its destination by Christmas -- and Houston said he didn't want to let anybody down.

One package was delivered to Tosha Bratcher from her brother in Atlanta, Georgia. He couldn't make it to Milwaukee because he has to work on Christmas.

"We were looking very forward to having it on Christmas. I really didn't think it would come today. I thought it would be after the holidays," Tosha Bratcher said.

Houston says the excitement on people's faces when he shows up with packages in hand makes working the holiday worth it.

"Playing the Santa Claus role and seeing how excited people are, I just enjoy it," Houston said.

Houston said he does plan to meet with his family later on Christmas -- so he won't miss out on the celebration.