Portillo's in Brookfield, the first Wisconsin location, set to open on Tuesday, July 19th!

BROOKFIELD -- Portillo's is set to open in Brookfield in just days!

The Brookfield Portillo's, located at The Corridor, will be the iconic hot dog chain's first location in Wisconsin.

It will open on July 19th on Bluemound Road on the former Ruby Farms site, west of Calhoun Road.

For years, Wisconsin Portillo's fans have made their way across the border into Illinois to get their hands on a Portillo's hot dog -- but no more!

According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, Portillo's is in the midst of a slow but steady expansion beyond the Chicago area, and the Brookfield restaurant is part of that expansion.


Portillo's launched in 1963 as a hot dog stand in Chicago.

The bulk of Portillo's restaurants are in Illinois, and the chain also has eateries in Arizona, California and Indiana.