Port Washington, Nicolet schools move forward after controversial poster incident

BROWN DEER -- It was the a basketball game that led to apologies, a suspension and national media attention. Weeks after students from Port Washington High School used a controversial photo to taunt a Nicolet High School player, the teams met again for a game on Thursday, March 7.

Brown Deer High School played host as a neutral site for the playoff basketball matchup.

Port Washington High School vs. Nicolet High School

Monique Graham

"It's been such an amazing season," said Monique Graham, fan.

"I told them last time it takes the A game to do it, and they did it," said Jim Klimek, grandson plays for Port Washington.

The meeting was quite unexpected after the Pirates from Port pulled off not one but two upsets.

The rematch also getting extra attention for what happened in the stands the last time the teams played.

"When we first saw it we were a little confused. We didn't know what was going on," said Graham.

Monique Graham was there as the Port Washington student section held up a photo of Nicolet's star athlete Jalen Johnson. Some called the pictures racist. Others say it was overblown.

"They didn't mean nothing by it. And I know they didn't. These kids are all pretty good kids," said Klimek.

Port Washington High School vs. Nicolet High School

The pictures brought a suspension, apologies from administrators and national headlines. Parents say the schools have moved on.

"We had to use it as a learning moment," said Graham.

"All the kids have been nothing but nice," said Randy Schmit, son plays for Port Washington.

Thursday's game showed no signs of the trouble from the past.

Port Washington High School vs. Nicolet High School

Port Washington High School vs. Nicolet High School

A chance to dream of another upset and a shot at the title.

"We're hoping for one. It will take a little more than A game though," said Klimek.

"The players are not only great athletes they are great kids as well," said Graham.

Most importantly, it's a night to highlight the accomplishments of the kids from the two schools.

Nicolet ended up winning the game. The student sections where all the controversy was for their last meeting made both their communities proud. There as incredible support for the two teams.

Port Washington High School vs. Nicolet High School