Popular Bunzel's Meat Market to move six blocks down the street, into a new, bigger building

MILWAUKEE -- A popular spot for meat lovers in the Milwaukee area is moving. Bunzel's Meat Market & Catering, currently located near 84th and Burleigh in Milwaukee is moving down the street to 90th and Burleigh.

Bunzel's Meat Market & Catering

"I've been a butcher all my life. My grandpa's been a butcher. My dad's been a butcher," Larry Bunzel with Bunzel's Meat Market & Catering said.

Bunzel's is moving into a bigger building.

"We have 12 extra feet of case," Jeff Zupan said.

"I'll have all my stuff under one roof, and take care of all my customers that way," Chip Bunzel said.

Bunzel's Meat Market & Catering

After some 70 years at three different locations, Bunzel's is well-established at 84th and Burleigh -- spending the past 18 years there -- providing pork, beef, chicken and more.

The meat market will be moving six blocks down the street to a new permanent location.

The move is about adding space.

Bunzel's Meat Market & Catering

Bunzel's Meat Market & Catering NEW LOCATION

"We have a 20-foot deli case now, where before, it was only 10 feet," Zupan said.

Another benefit of the new location is more parking for customers.

"We have gone from about 10 spots to about 48 spots," Zupan said.

Besides the move, not much else will change at Bunzel's.

Bunzel's Meat Market & Catering NEW LOCATION

"We are going to remain exactly who we are. We are a neighborhood butcher shop," Zupan said.

The current Bunzel's Meat Market location measures around 4,000 square feet.

The new location features 14,000 square feet, and it will include more than just meat. For example, shoppers can expect to find a full-time baker on staff as well.

Bunzel's Meat Market & Catering