Pop star Katy Perry performs at Obama campaign rally

MILWAUKEE -- President Barack Obama's visit to Milwaukee on Saturday, November 3rd was a huge draw for Democrats. But the president wasn't the only reason people showed up.

Pop star Katy Perry sported a skin-tight minidress with President Barack Obama's campaign slogan ``Forward'' emblazoned across it at the president's rally.

Perry came on stage at Saturday's event initially wearing a red, white and blue dress and holding a microphone shaped like the Statue of Liberty's torch.

But after her first song, a cover of Al Green's soul hit ``Let's Stay Together,'' she tossed aside the dress to reveal the bright blue minidress.

Obama's slogan ``Forward'' is also Wisconsin's state motto.

Perry paused midway through her set to make a pitch for donations to victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Obama's rally with Perry comes before he's set to be in Madison on Monday with rocker Bruce Springsteen.