Poll: Only Jesus, Abe Lincoln more popular than Aaron Rodgers

A national poll measured Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers against some of history's greatest figures, and found that only Abraham Lincoln and Jesus beat out Rodgers in a popularity contest. In the poll, Jesus beat Rodgers for popularity by just one percentage point!

Last weekend, Public Policy Polling surveyed voters across Wisconsin, and found that 89 percent of people like Rodgers. Then, folks at PPP surveyed voters throughout the nation, stacking Rodgers against history greats like Gandhi, Jesus Christ and even Santa Claus!

In the final tally, 67 percent of voters liked Santa, 64 percent said they like Gandhi, 74 percent liked Martin Luther King, Jr., and 86 percent support for George Washington. Rodgers beat them all, with his 89 percent rating!

Coming in at the top of the list: Abraham Lincoln, with 91 percent.