Police: Woman left 6 dogs to die in abandoned car

ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- Albuquerque Police Department officers are searching for two people they believe are connected to the death of six dogs. The dogs were found Wednesday in an abandoned vehicle near Lomas Boulevard and San Pedro Drive.

Officers said a woman hired two strangers through Craigslist to help her transport her dozens of dogs to Texas, because she was moving there.

She met the two people at Los Altos Park earlier this week, but they never followed her to Texas. Police said the woman allegedly left the dogs inside the vehicle with the windows rolled up.

Employees at a nearby nursery were informed about the vehicle by a customer. When they went to check on the car, they discovered something horrendous and heart-wrenching.

"There was one medium-sized dog curled up on the driver’s side with his head wedged into the door between the door and the seat like he was trying to get out. The other one that I saw was kind of hanging half on half off the back seat like it was frenzied and panicked,” Cassi Begnaud, an employee at Rehm's Nursery said.

Officers are asking for the public’s help finding the woman, as well as a man who had up to six other dogs with him. He was driving a silver Dodge Caravan.

“I don't think there is any intent ever to deliver these dogs. She probably took the money, dumped the car and these dogs died,” APD spokesperson Simon Drobik said.

The woman in the video below faces six counts of animal cruelty.