Police warn residents about scams through unsolicited emails

CALEDONIA (WITI) -- The Caledonia Police Department is warning residents to be wary of fraudulent attempts to obtain money through unsolicited emails.

According to police, an individual was scammed out of $1,800 after being contacted through an unsolicited email by a person who claimed to be a hiring manager for Monster Energy Drink.

According to officials, the victim was asked if he would be interested in a business deal where he would advertise for the company using his personal vehicle.The victim was sent a check by FED EX for $1,800 through Advantage Federal Credit Union.

The victim was told to send $1,454 to a graphic designer, who after receiving the check, would come to the victim's residence to put Monster logos on his vehicle. The victim sent the money via Western Credit Union to the graphic designer.

After the transaction was complete, the victim was notified by his bank that the check was fraud -- and $1,800 was taken out of his account.

According to police, Red Bull, Rockstar and Heineken are other companies mentioned in similar scams. The scammers have also stated motorcycles could be "wrapped."