Police seeking suspects believed responsible for homicide

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are seeking two suspects they believe are responsible for a homicide that occurred on Friday, December 28th at the Zara Food Market on N. 32nd Street.

Two suspects tried robbing the place, but ended up fatally shooting 53-year-old Fawzi Ab-Hamdan.

On Tuesday, January 1st, police released a photo which shows one of the suspects appearing to hold a gun. Zaid Abu-Hamdan says his uncle tried warning customers in the store.

"He yelled out, 'Gun!' And he kinda yelled out his death call in a way because that's what scared the guy and he shot him," said Abu-Hamdan.

It does not surprise family or even neighbors that Fawzi died trying to help others. They say that is how he lived.

"Those are two people that wanted something probably, some money. I know for a fact if they walked in and looked like they needed it, my uncle would have gave it to them," said Abu-Hamdan.

He grew up in Lebanon, his family says he came to America for school, but stayed when he fell in love and got married. They hope the people who committed the crime have a conscience and turn themselves in or that someone else speaks up.

"If people know anything, especially in that neighborhood or around... Anybody that knows those people, they would say something because everybody saw the love he has in people's hearts," said Abu-Hamdan.

Police are urging anyone with information on the identity of the suspects to call the Milwaukee Police Department Criminal Investigation Bureau at 414-935-7360.