Police seek help in identifying remains found in sewer

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are asking for the public's help in identifying a homicide victim whose remains were discovered in a city sewer back in May.

A city crew conducting routine sewer maintenance found the partial remains near 40th and Garfield on the city's north side on Wednesday, May 30th. There was no clothing, wallet or ID found along with the remains.

"It's an unsolved homicide and the department would truly like to bring closure. We have family out there who has got a missing father, brother, sibling," Lt. Keith Balash of the Milwaukee Police Department said.

Investigators have enlisted the help of the FBI and are utilizing state-of-the-art technology to generate a depiction of what the victim could look like. 

"This is actually a very good photograph and hopefully it will help us ID the victim," Lt. Balash said.

Officials describe the victim as an African-American male in his 30s or 40s. They say an identifying feature of the victim's remains includes metal hardware in the upper neck of the victim. According to police, that device did not have any identification on it. Officials say they have the victim's DNA profile, but so far have received no information that helps identify the victim.

"Investigators with the homicide unit have since attempted to ID the victim by conducting an extensive neighborhood canvass. We've searched missing reports at the Sensitive Crimes Division both locally and at the state level and national level, and we checked fingerprints," Lt. Balash said.

If you have any information or leads pertaining to this unidentified person, please contact the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office at 414-223-1200 and speak to an investigator. 

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