Police seek 6 suspects, victim after abduction caught on camera near Sherman and Marion

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are looking for six suspects and a victim after an abduction caught on camera on Sunday, April 15 near Sherman and Marion.

They are seeking five men and a woman. The woman is the only suspect they have a clear description of. She is female, black, approximately 25 years old, standing 5'7" tall  with a thin build. She was wearing a red or pink coat, and has long, black hair.

The victim was wearing a "bubble" style waist-length jacket.

Milwaukee police shared the disturbing video with frightening images, and said the person who recorded the incident did call 911.

The video was captured by a citizen. It's grainy, but clearly shows two suspects beating a man in the road.

"It's terrible. It's terrible. I don't appreciate living in a place like this," said Catherine Beamon.

Police said the man was dragged out of a white vehicle near Sherman and Marion around 2:20 a.m. on Sunday, April 15. The man was beaten and then put into the trunk of the white vehicle. One man drove off with him in the trunk. The other suspect took the vehicle they drove up in.

"I didn't know what to think. I didn't realize there was stuff happening here," Beamon said.

Beamon said last week she noticed violence outside her home near the abduction. She didn't know there was a connection.

Catherine Beamon

"There's people coming by, shooting guns from the car. I seen that happen last week," Beamon said. "It's like something you see in a movie."

Tryson Lea said he hopes the victim is found safe -- and the suspects are caught quickly.

"You just got to be careful out here, is all I can say. It's snowing and this kind of stuff still happening, so it just shows there was a time people wouldn't be outside in weather like this -- and now they're out committing crimes," Lea said.

If you have information, you are asked to call police.