Police search for thief who stole inflatable snowman from Candy Cane Lane

WEST ALLIS -- The Grinch has struck Candy Cane Lane, a neighborhood that raises money for the MACC Fund.

Many homes are decorated with bright lights, inflatables and candy canes. At one home, the owners are short one decoration after somebody stole their 16-foot inflatable snowman.

"It usually involves being outside the week before Thanksgiving while you're trying to get ready for that holiday," David Princeton, who's lived in Candy Cane Lane for the last seven years said.

Princeton says building a home up for Christmas is always a work in progress, but this year, he felt his collection of Christmas decorations was complete.

"The giant Frosty was the 'coup de gras', the icing on the cake," Princeton said. 

Princeton said his giant snowman was the culmination of hard work and holiday investments. Princeton said this would be the centerpiece of his display for years to come.

"Got a call about 11 in the morning, one of my neighbors asking me if I had taken Frosty down and my answer was no," Princeton said.

He said that's when he realized someone had taken his decoration. He said it happened between 5:30-7:00 a.m. 

"Just to have somebody come in and violate that neighborhood trust and that feeling of community is just horrible. I'm not asking you to set it up. I'm just asking you to get it here and I'll take care of it on my yard. I really would love it back," Princeton said.

Behind the spot where "Frosty" stood is a sign with a message asking the "Grinch" responsible to return the snowman.

Princeton started a Facebook Page to find his inflatable snowman. He's asking people to come forward if they saw anything or have information on who may have taken his decoration.