Police search for Joseph Yarbrough, wanted in armed robbery

RACINE -- Police need your help in their search for Joseph Yarbrough. He's suspected of playing a role in an armed robbery that took place in August 2011.

Police say Yarbrough was one of three men involved in an armed robbery scheme. They apparently listed a vehicle for sale on Craigslist. The two men who were interested in the vehicle contacted the seller -- and they arranged to meet at a fast food restaurant on August 1, 2011.

When the seller failed to show up at the restaurant at the agreed time, the potential buyers contacted the seller again. That person directed the potential buyers to another neighborhood.

When the buyers got to the neighborhood, they were directed to an alley. That's when Yarbrough, one of three suspects, allegedly poured gasoline over one man and began to spark a cigarette lighter. Police say Yarbrough was also holding an item wrapped in a towel that appeared to be a gun.

Another suspect told Yarbrough to "burn him" and "light him up."

Yarbrough and the other two suspects demanded a backpack and money from both men. The victims were then told to run from the neighborhood.

A neighbor who asked that FOX6 News not show her face said two men rushed to her home, pleading for her to call 911.

"He was just in a panic. Just couldn't catch his breath to talk to me. It blew my mind. I can't believe someone would actually do that to another human being," the neighbor said.

Racine Police Sgt. Martin Pavlilonis says Yarbrough has ties to Racine, Kenosha and Chicago.

"Just the nature of the crime -- pours gasoline over one of the victims, holding a cigarette lighter, flicking the lighter, stands there apparently holding a gun, very, very dangerous," Sgt. Pavlilonis said.

Yarbrough has several outstanding warrants related to this incident; two counts of Armed Robbery, one count of Recklessly Endangering Safety and three counts of Bail Jumping. He also has numerous other unrelated outstanding warrants.

If you have information that could help police locate Yarbrough, you're urged to call Racine Crimestoppers at (262) 636-9330.

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