Police say woman stole puppy to retrieve reward money

MADISON (AP) -- A Sun Prairie woman is being held for allegedly stealing a 6-month-old puppy from a car parked at a Division of Motor Vehicles office.

Madison police say the 21-year-old was arrested Saturday night, April 28th on suspicion of theft of a domestic animal.

The April 16th dog-napping of Blake, a boxer-shepherd mix, drew attention for the $1,250 reward. Blake was reunited with his owner Wednesday, April 25th.

Police did not specify if the suspect is the same woman who called the owner to report finding the dog wandering in Sun Prairie with no tags or collar.

But Blake's owner, Lars Forde, says it was the same woman, and that she didn't get any reward money. He says the money was donated to Puppy Love Rescue and the Dane County Humane Society instead.