Police say two females, one male shot near 40th and Lisbon

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police were on the scene of a triple shooting that occurred Wednesday afternoon near the 1800 block of 40th and Lisbon. Police say two females and one male were shot while in a home, and all are expected to survive. Police say they have a male suspect in custody, and both the shooter and the victims knew each other.

FOX6 spoke with Patricia Alexander, who came home Wednesday to find her home covered in bullet holes, and her front window shattered. Alexander says she wasn't home at the time of the shooting, but her teenage granddaughter was. Alexander says three of her granddaughter's friends were shot by another teenager, as they tried to leave the home. One of the girls was shot in the back, and another in the leg.

The third victim was a young man. All victims were transported to the hospital.

Alexander said her one-year-old grandson was also home at the time of the shooting, but he is okay. Alexander said her daughter and granddaughter went to the hospital with the victims, and all three are doing okay. Alexander says she doesn't want to stay in her home any longer. "I'm seriously trying to talk to my daughter about relocating out of Milwaukee, period. This is just too much," Alexander said.

Alexander is under the impression the suspect is an ex-boyfriend of one of her daughter's friends, but Milwaukee police say their investigation is ongoing. A neighbor nearby said they saw three young men running from the home after the shots were fired.

Neighbors in the area reported hearing multiple gunshots Wednesday afternoon. "We were sitting in the house and then 'bam,' like 10 shots. We didn't know what it was until we looked through the door and saw it was right behind the house," Feliz Mays said.