Police say threat against Jursik was not a threat

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik said she was threatened after proposing a plan to silence Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke from making controversial radio ads.

"I got a pretty aggressive message and they mentioned my home and my family because of it and I got pretty concerned," Jursik told FOX6 on Wednesday, June 12th. "It was concerning enough to me that it made me contact authorities."

Jursik said FOX6 would need to contact the West Allis police in order to see a copy of the threat. Among the three page document obtained, police determined that the threat was no threat at all.

The email, sent to Jursik by a West Allis man on May 28th, tells fellow citizens that a Jursik should place a note on her door saying all gang-bangers, rapists, armed robbers and vicious criminals should take note that the residents of this home are opposed to using firearms to defend themselves. It goes on to say "the police will not arrive until the survivors, if any, call them."

"He crossed the line," said Jursik.

What Jursik didn't mention was that two weeks before FOX6's interview, cops visited the man who wrote the note, found he was not a threat, and closed the case.

On Friday, June 14th, Jursik admitted over the phone what the police had told her weeks earlier.

"The police chief followed up with me. He said he sent an officer over, they had an interview, they are convinced he was not making a threat against me. They assured me this is something they would follow up on," said Jursik.

Jursik is still calling the email inflammatory and blames Sheriff Clarke for riling up the man who wrote it.

The police report says the individual had "no ill will toward Jursik, but as a politician she should expect disagreement and for her views to be challenged."

Jursik told FOX6 she did not mean to mislead anyone and that the overall story should be about her proposal to limit elected officials from appearing in commercials. Her plan goes before the full board on Thursday, June 20th.