Police say large meth lab discovered inside Fond du Lac residence

FOND DU LAC (WITI) -- Fond du Lac police discovered what appears to be a large meth lab inside a residence in the 200 block of N. Lincoln Avenue on Wednesday, January 8th.

Police responded to the residence to take a 39-year-old male subject into custody on an outstanding warrant -- and as officers entered the residence they located the man, who was then arrested.

"It was like a police block party last night. There were spotlights right at the end of this street," said neighbor Todd Lerche. "Police were actually telling us to get low and we might have to evacuate, just to stay low in the house."

Police discovered what seemed to be an active, illegal meth lab operating inside the residence. Several departments responded to the scene after police obtained a search warrant.

Chief Troy Haase of the Fond du Lac Fire Department says responding to a meth lab is not an ordinary call for his department.

"Our role basically was to support, set up decon in case they got into some chemical and then for us to take care of them if there was an issue," explained Haase.

Law enforcement personnel were able to remove the lab safely.

"I am glad. There's four kids living in the house there. It's terrible that somebody could do that in our neighborhood," said neighbor Connie Foris.

Charges have yet to be filed in the case.