Police say Baraboo mother planned to kill her lover's wife

BARABOO -- A Baraboo mother is in jail after police say she planned to kill her lover's wife.

43-year-old Stephanie McMillen has been charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide, stalking and obstructing an officer. Police believe she planned to use stolen morphine to kill the woman.

The case paints the picture of an affair and murder plot.

Police say the alleged victim in this case followed her own gut feeling, and it may be the only reason she's alive today.

For the second time in a month McMillen appeared in front of a judge Monday, October 8th. This time, the charges were much more serious.

McMillen was previously arrested in September for stalking, but was released on a signature bond after her initial appearance.

According to a criminal complaint McMillen was having an affair with a coworker who'd ended the relationship.

Investigators say last month, she went to the man's home in a rented car wearing the disguise of large glasses, a wig and a bandana. She asked the man's wife for help looking for a missing cat.

Investigators say McMillen tried to lure the woman to a pond in a wooded area behind the home. However, the woman got suspicious and went back inside.

"The woman got a gut feeling, acted upon that gut feeling and did not go down there, or I think we'd have a different case today," Roger Brandner with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office said.

Police later learned McMillen had done internet searches on how much morphine it takes to kill someone.

"The state seems to suggest the weapon she intended to use was a needle, however there is no allegation she had a needle," Defense Attorney Jay Englund said.

There was a vial of morphine reported missing from the hospital McMillen works at.

"We do believe she took that morphine and that is part of the case," Brandner said.

In court Monday, McMillen's lawyer painted the picture of a caring mother who has no criminal past and has never been arrested.

"This is a 43-year-old woman who's earned the reputation of being an excellent mom, dedicated nurse and strong member of the community. She volunteers at her child's school and with her daughter's swim team," Englund said.

A defense attorney also argued that McMillen couldn't have intended to kill the victim because even though they were outside together she never attempted to harm her or attempted any physical violence.

Monday, a judge set bail at $10,000. McMillen will be back in court next month.