Police records show lengthy history involving Germantown man shot by police

GERMANTOWN -- Documents obtained by FOX6 News provide new details about 28-year-old Daniel Kleinmann, the man shot and killed by Milwaukee police over the weekend. These documents show a long history involving Kleinmann and law enforcement.

Kleinmann was on Huber release from the Washington County Jail when he was shot and killed -- and Germantown police records show Kleinmann had a lengthy rap sheet. 

As recently as last week, police looked for Kleinmann at several locations, trying to take him into custody after he walked away from the Washington County Jail on November 19th. Kleinmann was serving an eight month sentence for identity theft. In September, police records show Kleinmann's parents called police to report their son may have been involved in taking their debit and credit card.

At the end of October and early November, police records show Kleinmann met up with another man, whom he knew, behind a building at 17th and Layton just before 4 p.m. to conduct a business transaction, as they had done in the past. This time, the man told police Kleinmann brought a gun and robbed him when he showed up for the transaction.

Kleinmann then fled in his vehicle and the robbery victim followed him, calling police on the phone and relaying the vehicle information to the dispatcher.

As Kleinmann was fleeing, he crashed the vehicle and ran from the scene.

39-year-old Milwaukee police officer Shawn Pecoraro, who was in a marked vehicle and in uniform, attempted to conduct a field interview of Kleinmann. During the encounter near 1st and Howard, officials say Officer Pecoraro had reason to believe his life was in danger and he discharged his weapon, striking Kleinmann. No weapon was ever found, though Chief Flynn said Monday citizen witnesses did report seeing Kleinmann with what looked to be a gun.

Kleinmann's mugshot is a far cry from pictures of him posted on his Facebook page. On that page, Kleinmann speaks of his affection for his young son, and smiles with family.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office is waiting for police reports from the Medical Examiner's Office before it begins investigating this incident. That's expected to take about a month.