Police pull vehicle from Kinnickinnic River Monday afternoon

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are investigating after a car was discovered in the Kinnickinnic River on Monday afternoon, July 8th.

The unoccupied car was found in the river near 9th and Harrison.

It took crews nearly two hours to pull the car from the river.

The woman who owns the car says she didn't even know it was missing until police came and knocked on her door.

"They said 'where is your car at?' And I said 'what happened to it?' And they told me it was in a creek, so I called my husband to make sure he car-pooled, because I was worried he drove into a creek -- and he was at work, so the only other logical explanation is someone stole the car," Amy Infante said.

There is no word from police at this time as to any arrests or leads in this incident.