Police: Pit bull's owner turns self in after dog attacks man

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police announced late Monday night, June 18th that a pit bull's owner has come forward. The 37-year-old man was arrested after showing up at the District 7 police station around 6:00 p.m. Monday.

Milwaukee police said they could not confirm the man's identity because he lied about who he was the day his pit bull attacked a man.

Police say the man is currently on probation and is being charged with state obstructing, violation of probation and is expected to receive citations.

A Milwaukee man had to have surgery Monday, June 18th after he was attacked by a pit bull over the weekend. It happened near the 4200 Block of W. Capitol Dr. on Saturday. Police say the man suffered over 30 puncture wounds in the attack.

Several neighbors came to the man's aid during the attack, but one pit bull expert said that may have been the wrong move.

Milwaukee police said a 55-year-old man and his wife were walking their dog, when a pit bull jumped from a second-story balcony and began attacking the couple's dog. The pit bull then reportedly began attacking the man, when the man tried to protect his own dog.

One witness told FOX6 News several neighbors ran out to help the man.

"Everybody played a part. Everybody did something. I was really proud of the neighborhood for that fact," one neighbor said.

Michelle Serocki with the Brew City Bully Club said that may have been the worst possible move. Serocki has worked with abused pit bulls over the years, and her latest foster dog, Marlan, came from a long line of pits bred for fighting. Serocki said it's often not the dog, but the owner that's the problem.

"Incredibly crucial to take some deep breaths, attempt to stay calm and do not scream," Serocki said.

The mission of the Bully Club is to rehabilitate the reputation of pit bulls, while reducing fear towards the breed. For Serocki, and event like this recent pit bull attack can hurt the group's goal.

"We can introduce you to dogs like Marlan who have been through horrific situations and have been rehabilitated and are fabulous, wonderful family pets. Don't let this one dog be everything that you're going to think about this breed," Serocki said.

Police said they found the pit bull responsible for Saturday's attack soon after arriving on the scene, and put the dog down. Police said the pit bull's owner was not home when the attack occurred.

A witness told FOX6 News he believes it may take a long time for the victim to recover.

"It was bad. The man was hurt pretty bad," the witness told FOX6 News.

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