Police officers meet with concerned neighbors after weekend shootout

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A shootout in a Milwaukee neighborhood in broad daylight over the weekend leaves neighbors in fear. Police officers met with concerned neighbors on Wednesday, December 4th -- at the same time that FOX6 News received surveillance video of the incident.

"It`s actually by the grace of God that my officers weren`t injured," Milwaukee Police Captain Jutiki Jackson said.

Days after a shootout between Milwaukee police officers and a 24-year-old man, those who live near the crime scene go to police for answers to big questions.

"How did the incident end up in our neighborhood?" Capt. Jackson said.

Police say it started with a suspect driving recklessly on W. Fond du Lac Ave., then fleeing officers on foot.

A surveillance camera captured the man minutes later, heading down an alley near 46th and Keefe.

"Although this incident happened in the neighborhood it could have happened any place," Capt. Jackson said.

The video shows a few squads passing by, before an officer pulls into the alley. He exits the vehicle and the suspect fires multiple shots.

The officer appears to radio for backup, then takes cover behind a tree.

Shots were exchanged, until the officer walks across the alley with his weapon raised, and goes out of the camera's view.

"We have this individual who decides he wants to hurt one of my officers? I`m deeply troubled by that and secondly, the fact that he chose his neighborhood to randomly shoot his gun and fire indiscriminately," Capt. Jackson said.

Neighbors say they heard more than 20 shots fired.

The surveillance video shows more squads arriving on scene, and then an ambulance.

Finally, the wounded suspect is rolled down the alley on a gurney.

Neighbors applauded the officers' handling of the incident. No officers or witnesses were injured.

"They did what they needed to do -- pursued the suspect and took him into custody," Capt. Jackson said.

The suspect in this incident survived his injuries.

Neighbors in the area are working to organize a Neighborhood Watch.