Police: No charges, citations for man who admitted being person seen in video shooting off Roman candles

SOUTH MILWAUKEE -- South Milwaukee police say no charges or citations will be issued against a 24-year-old man who admitted to being the person seen in a video shooting off thousands of Roman candles from a giant launcher over Lake Michigan.

Police were alerted to the video on January 6th.

In the video, a man is seen shooting off numerous fireworks from a homemade "mini-gun" over Lake Michigan in Grant Park on January 3rd.

The video you'll see just below is courtesy ViralHog.com.

The 24-year-old man, already considered a suspect by police, later admitted he was the person seen in the video who shot off the fireworks. Police say the man told them he was embarrassed, and that he apologized for the incident.

A records clerk showed him to have no prior criminal record.

Police say they don't condone this behavior, as what occurred was dangerous to all involved, but because the man came forward, and because he doesn't have a prior criminal record, police say "no law enforcement action" will be taken against him.