Police: 'Motion-activated camera' hidden under sink in Starbucks restroom for months

MOORE, Okla. -- Police say a hidden camera was placed inside the unisex restroom at a Starbucks store in Oklahoma -- and there could be hundreds of victims. Investigators say it was placed there between Sept. 1 and Nov. 12.

"This was a motion-activated camera so anyone that went in there and activated the camera was videoed, which is a crime," said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, Moore Police Department.

Lewis asked that anyone who used the restroom between Sept. 1 and Nov. 12 please contact police. They need to verify the identity of the people caught on camera in order to be able to charge the suspect.

"I understand it's uncomfortable -- you're in the restroom. You possibly could be a victim of this. In order to prosecute this person, which is obviously a sick person, we need some victims to come forward," said Sgt. Lewis.

Lewis said a suspect has been identified, but further investigation was needed before an arrest could be made. He said it is believed the video was recorded to a memory card inside the camera.

"There were numerous on it from Starbucks and other videos he had," said Sgt. Lewis.

He said the camera was hidden under the sink.

"You're not expecting to look for a camera when you go into a restroom. These days, I guess that's something you kind of have to do -- be vigilant around you, especially in a public restroom. This is becoming more common," said Sgt. Lewis.